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Pack Automatic Sealer by Qnubu

The Qnubu Pack Automatic Sealer is a horizontal sealing machine with a built-in automatic conveyor belt.

The Qnubu Sealer comes with an adjustable temperature control switch (which we found works best between 225 and 250), a built-in speed switch for the belt (remember, faster means more heat needed), a cooling fan and an emergency cut off switch for the best results.

It takes no time to get this machine up and running (it of course come with a handy manual).

Last but not least, the Qnubu Automatic Sealer comes with a built-in date or batch number stamp, and is capable of sealing a wide variety of bags such as, Food Bags, Grip Seal and Mylar Bags.

  • Sealing Width: 6-15mm
  • Temperature Control: 0-300°C
  • Conveyor Speed: 0-12 meter/sec
  • Adjustable Conveyor
  • Cooling Fan
  • Data Print Kit: To stamp your data/batch on the bags)
  • Power 800W
  • Weight: 19 Kg
  • Spare Parts & Tools included
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