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New Puffco Plus Vaporiser by Puffco

Puffco Plus vaporiser is a great starting point for anyone new to the world of concentrates. It's incredibly user-friendly, with numerous features that make operation a breeze. Now, it even boasts Fingerprint-resistant technology for a cleaner look.

The 2023 Puffco Plus Pen Vaporizer offers a balance between sleek and discreet design and cutting-edge functionality. This eye catching design vape pen is inconspicuous enough to blend in and new, Pearl and Onyx, colours are appealing, sophisticated and modern. The exterior is made from metal for robustness and to guarantee durability.

New Puffco Plus is simple but efficient and innovative. The ceramic coil ensures even heating and smooth, full of flavour vapour. Ceramic is ideal for concentrate chambers, providing smooth and speedy heating for consistent vapour every time.

The Puffco Plus Pen offers three different heat settings: Green is low, Blue is medium, White is the highest temperature setting, allowing you plenty of options to customise your vaping experience. There's also a sesh mode that extends the heating session to enjoy it with friends or just consume more at once. 
The temperatures are indicated by the LED lights. 

The chamber is easily replaceable should you ever need a new one. The Puffco Plus uses the universal 510 threading that the majority of vape pens use, doubling its versatility whilst also reducing the need for multiple devices while you're on the move! 

How to use: First, remove the mouthpiece and press the plunger to extend the concentrate dart. Collect a small amount of wax with the dart and place it in the coil chamber. Reattach the mouthpiece, turn on the device with five clicks of the power button, and select your temperature with one to four additional clicks. Once it reaches the desired temperature, hold down the button and inhale.

Cleaning: Use a cleaning swab dipped in solution or alcohol to wipe away residue, and wait for it to air dry before you use it. 

Temperature settings: 3.6-4.2 volts

initial Heating duration: 12 seconds 

Heating System: Conduction with Convection Elements 

Heating Chamber Material: Ceramic 

Battery Capacity: 25-30 minutes

Charge Time: 3 Hours.

USB Charger 

For concentrates, rosins and dabs

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