Proswabs Megaswabs Biodegradable Cotton Buds (100pcs)

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Megaswabs Biodegradable Cotton Buds by Proswabs

These cotton buds are specifically designed for use with dabbing concentrates and waxes. These are not the sane as common cotton buds, they are larger and thicker as dabbers need an easy way ion cleaning the modern bangers.

The main end of this cotton bud is very thick and can absorb most of the contents in your dirty blender or slurper in just seconds while the order end is a regular size cotton bud with ridged edges that is perfect to be used to clean the corners and sections that are hard to reach.

Proswabs cotton buds are extremely durable and the paper stick won't ever snap but is flexible enough to bend to get into those tight, hard-to-reach places. In addition, Proswabs are not coated with chemicals like most store-bought cotton buds are.

  • 100% pure cotton,
  • Chemical-free super absorbent cotton buds
  • Sturdy yet malleable paper stick stem instead of a classic wooden stem
  • Fully compostable, biodegradable
  • 100 per tub

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