Privileged Lungs Blender Mini Quartz Banger with Slurper Set

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45 Degree Angle 10mm Joint

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45 Degree Angle 14mm Joint

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90 Degree Angle 10mm Joint

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90 Degree Angle 14mm Joint

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Blender Mini Quartz Banger with Slurper Set by Privileged Lungs

This amazing banger has a flat top with a stylishly cut bevelled edge. The unique design in the bottom plate allows concentrates to enter the banger through elegantly shaped channels using vacuum. The thick bottom plate coupled with a large surface area ensures your concentrate is vapourised and maintains a consistent low temperature.

The quartz banger should be heated from below with your / quartz/ pearl set up already inside. Once the desires temperature has been reached you should place the marble on top of the banger. You can then let your concentrate melt off of your dab tool and onto the dish below where it will be sucked into your banger. The blender hits incredibly hard and offers a combination of the blender's grooves alongside the terp slurper shape.

The banger comes with a Marble (carb cap), a pill and an ambler marble ball. Once you slurp your banger hard enough you those will start spinning.

All Privileged Lungs bangers are made of 100% high quality Quartz glass and are built to handle extreme temperature conditions. The bangers are easy to clean, to get the optimal cleaning the banger should be soaked in Isopropyl alcohol while still warm.

Available in 14mm Male and 10mm Male frosted joints to ensure a perfect air-tight fit. 

  • High quality 99.99% GE214 Grade quartz
  • Bevelled Edges for a proper seal with your marble / carb cap
  • Dishes are super widespread and thick, hence the quartz heat retention is great, also creating a vortex effect and vaporize most of your oil
  • The banger works perfectly with and without terp pearls
  • Available in 14mm and 10mm variations
  • Joint angle in 45 degree or 90 degree
  • Clear Colour
Please note your marble, pearl and pillar colour will be selected at random.

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