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PAX 3 Vaporizer by PAX Labs, Gold

A true dual-use vaporizer for dry herbs and extracts. All you have to do is to swap out the inserts - you can change up your vape session on the fly! 

Pax 3 features industry-leading heat technology, extended battery life and a 2X powerful oven. Perfect for beginners and vape veterans alike.

Because of its size Pax 3 is a very discreet vaporizer and can easily be concealed in your hand, slipped into a pocket or put into a vaporizer case. Pax 3 also features a stealth mode which is meant to help keep your session on the down-low by dimming the logo light and aggressively cooling the chamber between draws to minimize smell. If you mix this mode with a low temperature setting you will be able to get a decently discreet session with minimal odour.

Temperature Settings:
PAX provides a seamless transition for switching to vapour - it’s simple, special and all about you.

Vapour from Pax 3 is smooth and satisfying and can be modified by selecting a different temperature and heating mode. It features +/- 1º Temperature Settings and Dynamic Heat Modes. Pax 3 comes with 4 pre-set temperatures: 182C, 193C, 204C, 215C and also includes a 5th temperature setting which can be customized to be anywhere between 182 celsius to 215 celcius. The ability to customise the heating modes is very unique and allows the user to experience the vapour in the unique and exciting way. 

Pax 3 uses a convection heating system which is engineered to allow you to enjoy the thickest and tastiest vapour. Its powerful and efficient conduction chamber has a heat up time of only 22 seconds and can be controlled through heat settings or a bluetooth enabled smartphone app for ultimate control. 

The multi-coloured LED lights provide real time feedback and the convenient vibrating alert to notify you when your chamber is fully heated and ready for use.

Those who like more flavour will love the “Flavor” profile, which increases cooling between draws to help maintain the flavour of your herbs. 

PAX is high-performance from the inside-out. The latest in battery technology allows multiple sessions without needing a charge. Backed by a 10-year limited warranty for added peace of mind.

The Pax 3 also charges really quickly, it can be fully charged in ~100 minutes.

Smart and Savvy:
PAX communicates with you through LED lights that show heating status, battery life and temperature settings. You can save settings and design an experience that you can replicate again. Get the App to perfect your sessions with customisation and device updates.

Included With Device:
10 Year Limited Warranty
8 - 10 Sessions per Charge
4 Temperature Settings
22 Second Best-In-Class Heat-Up
Vibration Notifications

Included With PAX Vapour App:
+/- 1º Temperature Settings
Dynamic Heat Modes
Device Lock

Available in 4 Colours: Black, Rose Gold, Silver and Teal.

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