'Let's Party' Red Gift Bundle

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'Let's Party' Red Gift Bundle

Super-sized cones and papers for when you have your friends over.


  - Santa Cruz Shredder 4-piece Hemp Red Grinder
4-piece phenomenally strong grinder. Being nature friendly does not make them less durable, this non plastic grinder is extremely strong, with the teeth remaining sharp and guaranteed to produce a smooth grind.

  - RAW King Size Cones
Pure hemp paper and hemp natural gum. 100% vegan.
3 cones per pack

  - RAW Wide Pre-rolled Filter Tips
Unbleached and chemical free wide pre-rolled tips.
21 tips per pack

  - RAW Classic Supernatural 12 Inch Rolling Papers
Papers for a special occasion! Quite possibly the largest papers you have ever seen
20 leaves per pack

  - Vibes Cubano Hemp Cone
Perfect for parties, camping trips, festivals or just a relaxing sit down with your friends in the garden. Can hold over 8 grams of dry herb.
1 cone per pack

  - Vibes King Size Hemp Cones
These cones deliver a smooth session every time. These cones burn slowly due to the natural hemp paper, and a proprietary airflow design makes for ample and consistent draws.
3 cones per pack

  - King Palm Super Slow Burning Rolls
Made from the flowering tree of the Cordia (Borage) which are family grown in collective farms across Southeast Asia. These cones are biodegradable and sustainable, grown with no toxic fertilisers and are not artificially flavoured.
5 rolls per pack

  - ROOR Organic Hemp CBD Rolling Papers
CBD infused papers produced from 100% organic hemp which is grown and produced in France. The leaves come in a natural beige hue and are partially translucent due to their ultra-thin construction, and are crafted with Roor's exclusive watermark patterns so they will burn evenly and exceptionally slow. The natural gum contains CBD with 0% of THC. 
32 ultra thin slim slow burning sheets of papers per pack

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