Ital Hemp Wicks I-tal Hemp Wick

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6 Kingsize Wicks

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6 Supreme Wicks

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24 Lighter Sleeve Wicks

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Ital Hemp Wick

This product is made from raw hemp twine and 100% highly refined beeswax. Ital Hemp Wick is environmentally friendly, natural way to light pipes and bongs.

Lighters and torches can leave traces of butane, sulphur and other chemical that may contaminate the flavours of your tobacco. With an Ital Hemp Wick you won’t taste flint, dust or metallic particles.

Also buy using Ital Hemp you will help out the environment by producing less landfill waste.

Available quantities:

  • 50 Small Wicks
  • 16 Large Wicks
  • 6 King-size Wicks
  • 24 Lighter Sleeve Wicks    
  • 6 Supreme Wicks

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