Happy Daddy Buddah Bomb Dabbing Tool

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Happy Daddy Buddah Bomb Dabbing Tool

The Buddah Bomb Tool from Happy Daddy is a purpose built dabbing tool.  At 4" in length, this versatile implement has a curved, pointed dabbing blade at one end and a small spoon tool at the other. The spoon tool is designed for dabbing essential oils and touching to the heated surface of a nail or skillet. The hole in the spoon allows your concentrate to vaporise more evenly, while the dabbing blade can be used in a multiple ways to handle your sticky concentrates.

Oils and waxes become easier to handle when you use a Happy Daddy concentrate dabbing tool. The Buddah Bomb is available in either Stainless Steel or Grade 2 Titanium and is etched with the famous Happy Daddy logo. 

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