Grove Bags Glassless Curing Bags (100pcs)

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Grove Bags Glassless Curing Pouches (100pcs)

An amazing storage solution that guarantees humidity level is always at the correct level. Grove Bags provide the environment to achieve optimum terpene content by fusing humidity control, out-gassing and anti-static features to ensure the perfect environment.
TerpLoc's design uses 6 different, high-density layers:

1: Thick puncture-resistant layer which helps to ensure the carefully controlled climate is safe during transit/ delivery.
2: Film barrier that provides odour protection helping you to seal in the aroma.
3: Oxygen film layer, designed to ensure that it can create and sustain low oxygen levels as well as limit the oxidation of terpenes.
4: Anti-static layer that is critical element as many plastics create static which can strip dry herbs of essential properties. This layer assure terpenes stay in your organic goods rather than on the packaging.
5: Humidity barrier which works with the oxygen layer to maintain active humidity control. Low oxygen levels slow ventilation process, so excess water vapour built-up inside the headspace of the Grove Bag is diffused through the packaging to prevent mould from developing.
6: The Terploc™ UV film layer, combined with opaque packaging, provides excellent protection from harmful UV rays. UV breaks down organic material rapidly, which means that the compounds within the material can get tarnished and weakened.
When filling the bags with material, Grove Bags recommends leaving the bag a minimum of 25% empty, with this headspace permitting the bag to work correctly. The bag should be placed in a well-ventilated and cool area below 21 degrees Celsius. These pouches can also be sealed using an impulse sealer, hair straightener or household iron.
Grove Bags are thoroughly committed to sustainability, equally as much as they are to perfecting dry herb curing climates & exceptional active humidity control.

Small- (14g/ 1/2 Ounce) " (12.7cm) x 8.14" (20.67cm) + 2.33 (5.9cm)(Gusset)

100 pieces per pack.

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