G Pen & Cookies Roam Vaporizer

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G Pen & Cookies Roam Vaporizer

All-in-one portable vaporiser Roam by G Pen for concentrates, oils and waxes. This Roam comes in the well-known blue Cookies design.

Roam was designed to provide a water-filtered vaporisation of herbal extracts and concentrates on-the-go. G Pen Roam tailors to user's flavour and heat preferences through a digital temperature control along with a haptic feedback that indicates when the device is ready to be used.

At the heart of the Roam is a borosilicate glass hydro tube, a spliff-proof chamber that offers a water-cooled filtration within seconds of activation. The system is completed with a quartz tank for clean vapour path for a smooth and clean hit every time. 

The Roam operates at a temperature range of 315°C - 427°C and heats up to your desired temperature in seconds. A powerful 1300mAh lithium-ion battery provides the power, and the Roam can be recharged with the included micro USB to USB charging cable. The Roam can be used while charging due to its clever pass-through technology.

This high-end vaping system is all neatly wrapped up in a sleek aluminium alloy shell to protect the precious glasswork within. The whole vapour path can be easily removed for cleaning of the hydro tube, mouthpiece or tank.

The G Pen Roam also includes a handy hemp travel case, a loading tool and some cotton cleaning swabs.

In the box:

  • Roam Baterry
  • Roam Quartz Tank
  • Roam Glass Tube
  • Roam Mouthpiece
  • Tool
  • Micro USB charging cable

Size: 14 x 6.5 cm

Use: Concentrate/Oil/Wax

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