dabX Rocket mk.1 E-nail

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DabX Rocket mk.1 E-nail

Introducing DabX Rocket mk.1 - the leading E-nail! 
This magical device helps your concentrates reach their maximum potential and taste. The Rocket has a typical 14mm glass adapter stand, making the device compatible with most rigs and bongs!

Rocket mk.1 is game changer for both - connoisseur dabber tired with the irritation of working a conventional rig and someone who is new to concentrates and looking for an easy way to get started. With just a push of a button, your heated dab is ready to enjoy in 15 seconds. In addition, it has a range of four intelligent heating profiles for different concentrates. The heating settings facilitate perfect-tasting dabs each time. It features four heat settings, the lowest one of 380-400°F, which is the dabX favourite, and the hottest temperature setting is 440-470 Fahrenheit advised to use for larger rigs, dabs and bongs. Four settings allow you to work out what's best for your preference, whether you're a novice or a pro.

It is made from aerospace grade titanium, which erases the taste that comes from low-priced metals, plastics or paint coatings. There is no plastics anywhere in the vapor which means no chemicals reaching their way into your dab. This rig is easy to clean and maintain. Simply disassemble, soak in isopropyl alcohol, rinse and then air dry.

The 1500mAh USB-C battery charges in 30 minutes and provides 30-50 dabs per full charge. A pass-thru charging design allows you to use it while connected to a direct power source. The dabX Rocket mk.1 has smart power unit that detects that you are loading your concentrate into the atomizer. The power unit adjusts the power level automatically, guaranteeing a perfect, pure and flavourful dab at the ideal temperature.

The dabX Rocket Mk.1 Box includes:
  • The Rocket Mk.1 Device
  • A Smart Power Unit
  • An Extra Atomizer
  • A Titanium Dab Tool
  • A USB-c charger
  • 3 spare o-rings
  • A 14mm glass adapter stand

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