D-ODR Odour Neautraliser Clean & Crisp

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Clean & Crisp Fine Mist by D-ODR

D-ODR odour neutralisers are perfect solution for instant elimination of any unwanted odours. The fine mist in Clean & Crisp aroma is created using a specific formula rich in terpenes, precisely blended array of essential oils, that neutralise rather than mask the unwanted aromas.
This 70ml bottle contains a pre-mixed magic potion made without gas, making it ideal for travelling and sending by post, where the aerosols are restricted or not allowed. The packaging is made of eco-friendly material and ensures D-ODR goal of reducing their carbon footprint is followed. 

Can be used on clothes and works outside great, but not suitable to use in the garden itself.

Clean & Crisp aroma is enjoyable and long-lasting. Also available in Lasting Lavender, Strawberry Sensation and Aromatic Apple aromas.

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