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Cookies V Straight Bong

V Beaker Bong is another stylish piece from a line of premium glass products created by Berner, the Co-Founder and CEO of Cookies. All stylish and unique pieces are designed with the same attention to details and from highest quality materials that Cookies strives to provide to all their fans.

This sophisticated-looking original straight bong from the legendary brand features top-quality borosilicate glass construction transformed into a classy affair with the unique, proprietary design pattern called V, giving it a distinctive appearance across the three colour-way options. All three bong colour options feature the V pattern, which consists of alternating cannabis leaves & the Cookies' logo.

The white version of V Straight Bong features a polished white finish with the cannabis leaf & Cookies logo in the ever-recognisable Cookies' sky blue hue, whilst the clear option is sandblasted with transparent contrasting logos. Finally, the black option's logos are polished to contrast the matte black finish on the tube and bowl, exuding class.

Straight Bong Components: Straight vertical tube, Water Chamber, Bowl, Downstem and Mouthpiece.

The straight vertical tube works perfectly for allowing the smoke to travel up from the bowl through the body of water, where it's filtered to cool the smoke and filter out some toxins and contaminants, making the smoke more gentle. 

Height: 33cm. 5mm thickness glass.

Comes packed in Cookies branded box.

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