Cookies Glass Bong - Straight 2 Da Dome Bong

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5mm Thickness

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Cookies Straight Da Dome Bong

Another amazing bong from a line of premium glass products created by Berner, the Co-Founder and CEO of Cookies. All stylish and unique pieces are designed with the same attention to details and from highest quality materials that Cookies strives to provide to all their fans.

Straight 2 Da Dome Cookies Bong is an eye-catching and effective water-pipe for the best smoking experience. This Cookies Bong comes decked out with a dome perc, providing additional filtration and cooling for a significantly cooler hit. This straight bong is made from thick borosilicate glass for sturdiness & heat resistance. 

Several holes in the dome of this bong divide up the smoke allowing for better filtration and diffusion. The exchange with water cools down the smoke reducing harshness, making the smoke more pleasant. The dome traps ask and debris, preventing them from reaching your lungs and improving the overall experience too.

Height: 43cm. Glass thickness 5mm.

Comes packed in Cookies branded box.

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