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Cookies Flame Beaker Bong

Flame Beaker Bong is a piece from a line of premium glass products created by Berner, the Co-Founder and CEO of Cookies. All stylish and unique pieces are designed with the same attention to details and from highest quality materials that Cookies strives to provide to all their fans.

The Flame Beaker Cookies Bong is a top-quality and sturdy smoking device that is suitable for both experienced and new smokers. This bong is made from highly durable borosilicate glass that can withstand high temperatures, ensuring it lasts a long time. Its classic Beaker design helps cool the smoke, allowing for larger hits. 

It comes in a standard 5mm glass thickness, but there is also an option to get a 7mm glass for added safety and peace of mind in case of accidents. The Cookies Flame Beaker water pipe follows the same design as the Cookies Beaker bong, but with a stylish Cookies logo on the front of the tube, making it not only functional but also visually appealing.

The Beaker type bong is preferred by many smokers as it has many benefits compared to other bong types. Beaker can hold a larger amount of water which means cooler and smoother smoke. A beaker bong's larger chamber enables you to take bigger hits without worrying about overdosing your lungs. Due to its broader base it is also more stable on flat surface and is easier to clean.

This Cookies Beaker Bong comes with a Santa Cruz Shredder Cookies 2-Piece Hemp Grinder in a stylish Cookies Blue colour.

Height: 33cm/43cm

Available in 5mm thickness glass and 7mm thickness. Comes packed in Cookies branded box.

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