CannaHelp Improve Your Sleep 1000mg CBD & CBG Spray

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Improve Your Sleep 1000mg CBD and CBG Spray by CannaHelp

Fall asleep faster and have better sleep with Improve Your Sleep CBD and CBG oral spray.

This meticulously formulated oral spray brings the best of science and nature together. A sublime blend of C8 MCT and hemp seed oil, combined in perfect ratio, creates a base for nourishing and soothing supplement. This golden elixir is enriched with a potent infusion of 500mg CBD and 500mg CBG, turning it into powerhouse that helps to fight inflammation, bacterial infections and viruses. This mix is also known as analgesic that brings relief to body and fosters homeostasis, enhances your immune system and sharpens focus, setting the stage for unparalleled productivity and vitality that comes after a restful night. 

Improve Your Night is infused with specially chosen blend of terpenes, that not only offers remarkable analgesic properties but also increases the calming benefits. You will drift into serene slumber and restful sleep, and experience the tranquility and focus that comes with a good night sleep.

Let it be your nightly ritual for healthier, brighter and better tomorrow.

1:1 CBG/CBD 1000mg oral spray. 10ml bottle.

Vegan C8 MCT oil, Hempseed oil, 500mg CBG, 500mg CBD, terpenes and flavouring.
Made using a Broad Spectrum Distillate to help increase the entourage effect.

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