CannaHelp Improve Your Day 1000mg CBD & CBG Spray

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Improve Your Day 1000mg CBD and CBG Spray by CannaHelp

Step into each day with renewed vigour and vitality. This CBD and CBG spray is meticulously designed to be your daily ally in conquering challenges with positivity and ease.

CannaHelp started the journey of crafting this revolutionary spray with creation of a superior base oil, a harmonious blend of C8 MCT and hemp seed oils, that are known for their revitalising and nourishing properties. 500mg CBG and 500mg CBD was added to this luxurious base, transforming it into a powerhouse of benefits. This unique spray was then infused with a unique terpene blend specifically created for Improve Your Day range.

This spray helps your body to fight inflammation, viruses and bacteria and serves as an effective analgesic. Specially formulated blend of highest quality ingredients promotes homeostasis, empowers your immune system and grants you a level of focus that is nothing short of extraordinary. This mix tirelessly elevates your mood and acts as a stronghold against anxiety and depression, sets a positive tone for your day with delightful hint of tropical paradise. The burst of tropical zest not only complements the aromatic pineapple flavour terpenes, but also makes the start of your day as pleasant as a gentle morning breeze.

Witness remarkable transformation of your day-to-day life. This supplement is your daily dose of sunshine, brightness, positivity and energy.

1:1 CBG/CBD 1000mg oral spray. 10ml bottle.

Vegan C8 MCT oil, Hempseed oil, 500mg CBG, 500mg CBD, terpenes and flavouring.
Made using a Broad Spectrum Distillate to help increase the entourage effect.

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