Cannaflex Screens Multi-Micron Screen 45/25 Micron

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Cannaflex Multi-Micron Screen (45/25 Micron) 

Finally, here is the CannaFlex Disc Plant Extraction system - Dry & Wet sieving capabilities in an inexpensive, versatile, durable, lightweight and easily portable unit.

CannaFlex is created using the highest quality materials and double stitched throughout to ensure it’s for a lifelong use.

The pack includes:

  • Collapsible Multi-Micron Sieving Screens with Branded Information
  • 25 Micron Pressing Screen
  • Plant Essense Collecting Card
  • Collapsible Multi-Micron 45/25 Micron Screen
  • One side features a 45 Micron Screen and the other features the 25 Micron Screen
  • Inserted Removal Collecting Screen
Ideal for:
  • Water Extraction Method
  • Dry Sieve Method
  • Rosin pressing method

  • N/A

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