Apex Ancillary Iso Station XL

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Apex Ancillary Iso Station XL

Iso Station XL is the largest of all the iso-station options from Apex Ancillary.

It provides a space for all of your cleaning supplies and solutions making it easy to stay organised and clutter-free. Thanks to the airtight nature of the Iso well beneath the Pump, tools can be cleaned in the same place.

The Iso Station XL uses a dedicated pump that fits with a rubber gasket seal into a solid glass bottle section, which you should fill with isopropyl alcohol or your preferred cleaning solution. To use, take a cotton bud and apply pressure to the pump, causing the solution to rise into the steel and saturate the cotton bud. The pump enables you to use just the right amount of cleaning solution. Additionally, the pump and bottle are airtight, guaranteeing no evaporation of the solution from the glass bottle. 

It also comes with a soaking station for the inserts, tools, pearls, and pillars. This section can be covered using a carb cap to stop the evaporation and to keep your accessories free of contaminants. The central cotton bud location can effortlessly fit 300 cotton buds.

This station is not only handy but stylish too. The ultra-clean look boosts any dab station or work surface.

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