420Science Classic Jar - Rx Black

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420 Science Classic Jar - Rx Black

420 Science Classic jars are crafted from the finest American glass and not only make great storage jars for your legal herbal smoking blends; they make great design pieces too. Each jar has a funky design which is baked on during manufacturing and this one features the Rx design. 

Available in 6 sizes:

  • X-Small: Height 8.25cm:: Width 5.75cm:: Holds 89ml/6 grams
  • Small: Height 8cm:: Width 6.5cm:: Holds 150ml/7 grams
  • Medium: Height 10cm:: Width 7.5cm:: Holds 200ml/10 grams
  • Large: Height 11cm:: Width 9cm:: Holds 300ml/16 grams
  • Extra Large - 95mm diameter x 120mm Holds 710ml/42 grams
  • Extra Extra Large - 95mm diameter x 160mm - Holds 946ml/56 grams

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