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Vaponic Vaporizer Complete Kit 

The Vaponic is a pocket friendly vaporizer which comes in its own, discreet marker pen carry case. The kit also contains Multifunctional Tool and the Manual.

Using Vaponic Vaporizer can be a healthy alternative to smoking. The compounds of the tobacco or any other herbal blend are heated up to the point where they start boiling and turn into a vapor. This process takes place below combustion temperature which means that the plant will not burn and you will not have to inhale the smoke. The vapor you inhale is free of toxic combustion by-products such as tar and other carcinogens.  It is pure and it contains only the plants substances.

Although Vaporizer works with any kind of flame, The Vaponic recommends using jetflame lighters. They have proven to be more efficient and thanks to the fact that they are wind-resistant you will be able to enjoy vaping while you're chilling on the beach with your friends for example!

The Vaponic offers 2 year warranty on the glass pieces, the rubber pieces and the marker shaped case.

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