Snail Papers Why/Why Not? Rolling Papers With Tips - War

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Why/Why Not? Rolling Papers With Tips - War

Why? Why Not? Rolling Papers made by the makers of Anonymous papers come with the cartoons which heroes are bringing up the questions Why and Why Not?!

Why/Why Not? Rolling Papers come in 4 Topics: Environment, War, Social or Medical. Every pack comes with the funny cartoons questioning the biggest Why and Why Not of each topic.

Why War? Why Not? Why Plant Mines? Why not to plant Hemp? and many others.

You can put them in your pocket - magnetic lid will keep them safe! Ultra Thin King Size Slims.  32 unbleached slow burning papers per pack (Length 108 mm, Width 44 mm) with 32 Tips ( Length 55 mm, Width 25 mm).

It's not only about the rolling!

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