Roor Papers Rolling Papers - CBD Gum Organic Rice & Hemp Ultra Thin Slim Papers (Yellow)

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Roor CBD Gum Organic Rice & Hemp Rolling Papers, Ultra Thin Slim

Roor is a brand you've no doubt heard of from their acclaimed reputation for producing luxurious handblown waterpipes and other glass accessories since the 1980s. Roor pipes have become renowned as the choice of opulence, equally known for their meticulous quality control and material selection.

After decades of dominating in the high-end functional glass scene they created the first-ever rolling papers that have been infused using a CBD gum which ROOR holds the exclusive patent for. These papers are for the true nature enthusiasts, environmentally conscious consumers, as well as therapeutic users, or those simply looking to consume the best.

These Rice & Hemp papers are made from rice plants cultivated in the Camargue region of southern France. Roor papers are guaranteed to be GMO-free, as well as free from calcium carbonate additive and dyes. The hemp used to create these papers contains fibers that are both - silky and resistant, making the leaves very soft, light beige colour and transparent due to their ultra-thin construction.

All papers are crafted with Roor's exclusive watermark patterns so they will burn evenly and exceptionally slow. 

The natural gum contains CBD with 0% of THC. 

  • 32 Ultra Thin Slim Slow Burning sheets of papers per pack
  • 50 packs per box
  • CBD infused
  • Vegan Acacia Gum
  • GMO free
  • 44X109MM


*This product should not be used to substitute or replace any medication. They should not be used to treat illness or medical conditions. They are not to be consumed as dietary supplements and should be kept away from children and pets.

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