PUK Glass Pipes Six Shooter Pipe Clear Green

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PUK Glass Six Shooter Pipe Clear Green

The PUK Glass Pipe is a six-chamber, round, high quality glass pipe. This puck-shaped pipe has 6 bowls (3 gram capacity) in a truly internal and controlled dosing container. There will be enough material in a fully loaded PUK pipe for even the most copious smokers to never need to carry a bag or another container. PUK patent protected internal design and mechanisms make this pipe a truly unique pipe that will impress everyone.

All tops and bottom of this pipe are interchangeable. The signature dual-disk system features an interchange ability as never seen in any hand-pipe.

The cleaning of this pipe if very quick and easy. First gently remove any large bits of debris from the pipe with a bit of pipe cleaner. Then pour 1” of any brand household isopropyl and a sash or two if salt into a 2 2/2 diameter container and allow salt to dissolve. Place both parts of your glass PUK, on at a time, in the alcohol solution making sure the parts are both completely submerged. Wait for 2 minutes and then gently agitate with a soft brush or pipe cleaner to loosen and remove any remaining material from the bowls and holes. Rinse and repeat if necessary. 

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