Puffco The Peak Pro - Limited Edition Indiglow

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Puffco The Peak Pro Limited Edition Indiglow

The Limited Edition Peak Pro Indiglow represents the new pinnacle in portable concentrate technology, giving you the closest experience to a banger and torch but in an e-rig form.

This Limited Edition Indiglow version of Peak Pro is as subtle as it is intricate. It features a smooth lilac and blue colours gradient that fades over the translucent silicone base and metal band, and continues upwards to meet the incredible glass piece that's inspired by sacred geometry and geometric patterns. The glass piece has blow moulded inner done and outer cone glass. 

It is a game changing device. The Puffco Peak Pro is the most efficient and user-friendly device, that allows you to join the magical world of concentrates, due to its limited edition version of the app that is available to Indiglow users only.

* The app is not available to all users worldwide, UK users can use the Iphone app via the path browser work around on Puffco's site, but UK users have reported difficulty using the android app. Please check this link to view Puffco's smartphone app guide.

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