Oil Slick Sheet

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Sheet by Oil Slick Company

The Oil Slick Sheet is a roll of thin, laboratory-grade Polytetrafluoroethylene film - or PTFE for short. Neither water nor water-containing substances can wet PTFE due to its molecular structure.  

Oil Slick Sheet is ideal for use with waxy oils and concentrates.  The Slick Sheet can be used as wrapping, packaging or lining your collection vessels and evaporation dishes. It can be scored, folded, cut and will still be re-usable later. The sheet is ideal, durable alternative to parchment paper.

The Slick Sheet is 100% non-stick, 100% resistant to solvents and heat-proof up to 500F (260C). The sheet is 122cm long x 41cm wide (48" x 16").  

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