Nish Glass Purple Tint Fine Spiral Rewag Bottle Dab Rig

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Purple Tint Fine Spiral Rewag Bottle Dab Rig by Nish Glass

A beautiful glass dab rig created by the Canadian master lampworker Nish.

This entrancing glass dabbing rig mesmerized for hours. To create this beauty only the best coloured glass has been used. Nish has twisted fine spiral rewags and switchbacks around every inch of this bong. This peace features a subtle purple tint underneath the bright colours which adds to the unearthly feel.

Like all Nish piece it is handmade. Made from the premium quality 5mm thick borosilicate glass, the rig stands just over 15cm tall and features a removable coloured down-pipe which reduces the joint size to the standard 10mm joint.

The bottle style piece is equipped with an integrated splash guard in the form of a cutaway in the neck, and is finished with a polished, semi-precious opal gemstone set into the side of the rig.
  • Purple tint Y.G.B.R.O spiral coloured glass
  • Opal decal
  • Removable downtube
  • 14/10mm custom reducing downtube - need 10mm accessories
  • Dual hole in downtube to reduce splash back
  • Cutaway neck splash guard
  • Spiral pattern coloured glass
  • Bottle dab rig

Nish is a Canadian glass blower from Vancouver, British Columbia on the west coast of Canada. Nish started out blowing glass as a hobby back in 2003 and rapidly developed an eye for design. After mastering his skills with his good friend Carl from Kory Cotnam Glass, Nish began blowing glass full time in 2007. 

After working with number of famous lamp workers like Martin Birzle from Roor, he decided to launch his own line of bongs and dab rigs, which is available at The Attitude Smoking Lounge.

Check out all superb quality concentrate rigs from Nish Glass that showcases all the talents of this master Canadian glass blower.

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