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Apple Fritter Flat Pack of 25 Terpene Infused Papers by Lift Tickets

Terpene infused paper ready to be packed with your favourite herbs. 

They are unlike any other flavoured papers! Lift Tickets papers contain no THC, only the terpenes from the best strains in the world. 

These flat packs contain 25 un-rolled King Size papers, for those who prefer to roll their own.
Supplied in an air tight re-sealable baggie (with child protection feature), which helps with terpene preservation so each and every time you go for a terpene infused rolling paper its just as fresh as when you first opened it. 

They have taken the social media by storm and everyone wants these epic pre-rolled cones and papers to get Lit and Lifted!

  • Does not contain THC
  • Imported straight from United States
  • 25 King Size papers.
Other Flavours available.

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