420Science Classic Jar - THC Write & Erase

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420 Science Classic Jar - THC WRITE & ERASE

The THC WRITE & ERASE jar comes from the great line of glass storage jars by 420 Science. This range of storage jars are crafted from the finest American glass and are perfect for storing your legal herbal smoking blends. These jars also make great display pieces as each jar features funky design which is baked on during manufacturing.  

Available in 4 sizes:

  • X-Small: Height 8.25cm, Width 5.75cm. Holds 89ml/6 grams
  • Small: Height 8cm, Width 6.5cm. Holds 150ml/7 grams
  • Medium: Height 10cm, Width 7.5cm. Holds 200ml/10 grams
  • Large: Height 11cm, Width 9cm. Holds 300ml/16 grams

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